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AMAZING Quilt commemorating the 200th anniversary of
her sister-in-law Marie's home, Sugar Plum Farm, in New Hampshire. 

The center block is 17 inches square. The house, roof, chimneys and barn fabrics were appliquéd onto the background fabrics used for the sky and grass.  Except for the dog, 3 plants and the lettering, Jane digitized all the house details and the trees and plantings around the house. Since Marie needed a label for the back, Jane digitized one in a grid form corresponding to the layout of the quilt - 12 smaller blocks surrounding the large center one. In each of the grid blocks she used script lettering and placed the name of the contributor in the block corresponding to the position of her block in the quilt. (label on the left of the quilt in photo1)

Appliquéing, digitizing and embroidering Jane's block was quite an undertaking. Additionally, to split a design of this size was daunting as she had never done anything before that had required so many hoopings. With Rosanne's assistance, the design was split into 6 hoopings for Jane's 180x300 Innovis hoop.