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People are talking! ... about...
Split Wizardry, The Plus Factor, TMS and Rosanne's tutorials.

... read their unsolicited comments ...

"I worked with your video all day yesterday and I was so happy by the end of the day. Working with your video really made me feel I WILL learn this. To be honest I belong to another splitting group and I couldn't ever figure out how she does it. With your video being so detailed I CAN do this."

"Hi! I have been splitting designs for some time, and was actually always too Chicken to sew them out! I have been using Rosanne Berkey's method since she started with the design splitting stuff over 9 years ago, maybe up to 10 years! I am now sewing out the designs, and let me tell you.......YOU GET HOOKED!! it is great! She has a foolproof way to re-line up your designs for perfect sewout everytime, no templates needed."
Jeanne G

"I purchased the Split Wizardry and the Plus Factor DVDs and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve owned a Pfaff 7570 for about 8 years (the Brother for about 1 ½ years) and have purchased other splitting instructions.  They used templates and were incredibly frustrating. Your clear, simple method and instructions enabled me to stitch out the sample designs quickly and easily and with immediate success. I tested it first on woven cotton and then <shudder> on a T-shirt which has always given me fits. Both were perfectly aligned!!!  Thank you so much both for creating this method and making it available and affordable for us. Keep up the great job!!!"
Ruth R. in Ohio

"I can't take it anymore!  I have to write to give you a very, very big "THANK YOU"!   I discovered your website through the Embird site, and I ordered your Split Wizardry CD.  You're too good to be true, I just wish I had found you sooner!  I've been using Embird for a little over a year, and taught myself using some very basic tutorials.  I liked the program immediately and found it very effective at merging and resizing (I do primarily monogramming work), but I felt at such a loss when it came to support.  I knew I wasn't using the program to the fullest potential. I can't tell you how much I learned just doing your free online tutorials!!!  Never mind all the information on your CD!!!  I also joined Embird Time, and it is so exciting to meet other people doing the same thing and sharing so much information.  I know you must hear this all the time, but you're so wonderful for offering your services and products.  Unfortunately, my friends and family just don't understand what I'm so happy about so I'm sharing it with you .
Adele Perri

"I've been playing with your wonderful Heirloom Lesson and have been
having a ball with it. Your tutorial is absolutely wonderful! You make
it so easy! Thanks so much!! I'll be going back for more!!"
Catherine F.

"I used your cd to do the Wolf Eagle design on the back of DH's jean jacket.  I was using the BL Ellure machine at the time, so I was able to do it on a 5X7 sewing field and it turned out great.  Now, whenever I split a design I still use many of your techniques for determining where to split."
Gail Rokus

"I started my lessons.  Just terrific! Thanks again for everything."
Deborah Manning

"Just a quick note to thank you for putting out this amazing CD tutorial!!! What really impresses me about it is that you not only explain "how" to do something, you explain "why"...this has opened up a huge (pun intended) new world of design and editing for me already!!! I've had the CD about 3 weeks or so, have watched and followed along several times, and have purchased some of those large designs from Embroidery Library I never considered before because they were too big for my Ult! What fun to figure out these puzzles and make them work for me!

Your tutorial does not teach how to split specific designs, it teaches how to analyze any design to split it out for any machine. The "Frame" and "Plus" are pure genius!!! I heartily recommend your tutorial to anyone who wants to break out of the limit of their hoop!"
Tami Simkins Grants Pass, OR

"Split Wizardry and The Plus Factor are both excellent. So far, I've watched both of them from beginning to end, and now I'm going to start working along with them."
Miriam Schacht

"You are a great teacher and I have been watching your lessons for quite awhile."

"I would just like to echo Sue's sentiments. Rosanne is wonderful!"
Lee in NC

"I highly recommend getting Rosanne's splitting lessons. She explains
the reasoning behind the steps she takes and makes the process clear
and logical.  Splitting designs is also great fun. When I found myself splitting a
100x100 design just because I could (it would of course easily fit into
any hoop) I decided I needed to leave the computer and get back and
embroider something!"
Marilyn in Wichita

"It's after 1:00 AM here, but I had to write!  I worked through your tutorial -- you are absolutely amazing!!!  It makes so much sense.  I was originally trying to separate both letters and the underlay--oh my gosh, I was making it so much more complicated.  After following your tutorial, I quickly went back and tried the simple example I worked on yesterday.  It worked perfectly!  I'm going to try some of your letters next, then I'll use some of my heirloom alphabets.  I promise to send you a picture of one stitched out.  You're such a wonderful teacher--so clear, so easy to follow, and best of all so friendly!
Thanks again.  I have to get to bed!  I'll be in touch."

The Wiz is "over the moon"!
Lynn B in Santa Barbara, CA

"I have your Splitwiz CD and have learned so much good stuff ;^).
Annette K

"Thank you so much, I am learning so much. I finally did my first plus hoop split and stitched it out. I was so afraid my viking 1+ and I would not be able to sew designs. Thank you!"
Elsie R

"By the way, your lessons are great and all the extras and help you provide
are well worth the membership. I teach classes at a dealership and always
push embird and your classes. Thanks for all you time and effort."
Gail Z

"I do want to express my congratulations on your understanding of the editing
process. Also THANK YOU for sharing your expertise with us. It's truly a
joy to see what a little sewing machine can do these days. :) "
Sharon J

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Without your lessons, inspiration,
helpfulness, etc. I would never be were I am this soon!!! Isn't this
embroidery stuff the greatest fun!"
Linda S

"I received my Split Wizardry CD yesterday. I watched the first movie and
already learned! I knew that stitch counter thing would be good for something!! Thanks very much! Can't wait to get started on the July

"I can not imagine not being a member of the 'Elile Wizettes'. Your lessons are so good and such good value - I always learn so much! Thank you"

"thanks...I love your lessons. You are soooo good at
this..don't know how you do everything you do.. Thanks again."

"Embird does a fantastic job of splitting, once you understand how to do it. Yes, I could split the simple stuff just from looking at it, but after going through both the Embird tutorials, and Rosanne's CD, I've been splitting large single items with stitches crossing the splits and then successfully aligning the hoopings so they come out wonderfully."
Rebecca W

"I really have learned a lot from the Split Wizardry video. You do an excellent job, and I have recommended your cd to several friends. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents."
Jo C

"I LUVVVVV the videos and I think I'll be able to do this!"
Pam M

"I have only had time to view section 1a and I found it very, very helpful."

"Recieved in the mail yesterday. Stayed in front of the computer all day. I love this new world it has opened up for me. There were just so many of the large designs at Embroidery Library that I just loved and now I can have them and stitch them out too. Can't wait do stitch my first one out. Your instructions are easy for someone like me [that usually just skips over the instructions] they were easy to understand. Thank you!
Sharron K

LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! This has made a big difference in my ability to follow the lessons. I am still struggling but having fun with it. "
Geraldine A

"I received your Split Wizardry two weeks ago. Oh I just love it. You do a great job!"
Adrienne W

"I've watched this CD.... it's a MUST have."
Sam in Sunny Florida

"Love the CD!"
Sylvia N

"I've realy enjoyed your cd so far. I seem to be getting a grasp on it."
Barb B

"I'm really enjoying the lessons. You explain things so clearly!"

"This past 6 months has been such a learning curve for me. What you and embird have enabled me to accomplish is amazing. What a great teacher you are!!!"

"I have really been working on Embird, and your CD. Wow! I know that you've heard this a million times, but, it REALLY is great! I will have to watch it more than once, but it is absolutely riveting. Time just flies. THANK YOU for doing this; I can't imagine having to bumble my way around this wonderful software on my own. Thanks, Rosanne!"

"I highly recommend using the Editing Wizardry system for splitting embroideries as a way of learning Embird ... and you get to learn how to utilize the large embroideries at the same time ... Rosanne is truly a wonderful teacher ... "

" I am very impressed with just listening to the tutorial once and am looking forward to working my way through it!"
Stephani M

"Your CD is very easy to understand and full of information. I need to listen to it several more times just to digest it all. Thanks !"

"I am really looking forward to receiving your Split Wizardry video! I purchased your clock lesson recently and was soooo pleased with the results, your instructions made perfect sense. Once I understood your technique, it was very easy to adjust the finished sizes to accomodate different frame sizes. THANK YOU and a very happy holidays to you and yours :)"
Stefani M

"Just a short note to let you know how much I've enjoyed and learned from you, your list, your video, your lessons! I am a real "newbie" to this world of embroidery (just started this summer) but I just love it! I have already split and stitched out the following: EL's Cloud Dragon, EL's Eagle and Wolf, EL's Balloon Race, EL's Floral Pillow, EL's Dear in Wilderness Scene, and a few others. I've also put together several big designs from bits and pieces of other free designs that I'd downloaded to make my very own unique pieces. I've been bringing them into my local sewing/Babylock center (they've become real friends) and just love to have the instructors try to find the split location without looking on the back of the design - they've not found a single one yet! They just asked me to demonstrate Embird to a group of ladies from all over the state. Several ladies have purchased Embird since the "class" and I've sent them to your site for either the CD or the book (I'm a very visual type learner so I highly recommended the video). OK, I'll cut this short but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your talent! Will you be having a new video out to address the changes that are upcoming in the new software? Put me on the list!"

"Confession time, Rosanne. I was guilty of Stinkin' Thinkin'! I thought ... hey, it's the same software... performing the same functions... all things being equal, I'll save money and buy the cheaper lessons. Was I ever wrong! After working through a couple (brand x) lessons I decided to buy your Animal Shield lesson. WOW, I learned so much more from that lesson than I ever imagined. No wonder they call you The Wiz!!! I'm off to buy Split Wizardry. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. You really are the BEST!"

"OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've purchased other lessons on using Embird to split designs, but NONE can compare to your Split Wizardry CD. You really do know your stuff. Your professionalism shines through like a beacon and your techniques are absolute genius! I've learned so much more about this wonderful program just from watching your cd."
Suzanne J

"Thank You! I have really enjoyed my lessons and your CD. The Giesha looks fun to do. I have made several clocks. I did do the serenity angel on several sweatshirts made into jackets - very stitch intensive - turned out great! Having a ball!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CD and the three months subscription."
Barb in NC

" Really learning a lot from your CD Rosanne and wanting to learn some more."

"I am having so much fun with the clock lesson. I've made two clocks already!!!!"

"Wow, that Geisha is a very worthwhile 'split' lesson - I learned a lot - went off on my own a little bit but it looks 'terrific'. Many thanks Rosanne, the work that goes into these lessons is enormous, you certainly are a 'wiz' - and Embird is so easy to use in comparison to Embroidery Shop."

"Just want to say that the Split Wizardary Video tutorial is fantastic and is great for going to the NEXT LEVEL of splitting designs and using Embird."
Linda V

" I went through your CD completely and it is by far the best curriculum out there on design splitting. I love the frame idea. It is truly genius. Thanks for putting it together."

"The light bulb finally went on. I am so excited. I can't wait to get going on the other designs. This is sew much fun to be able to sew out the larger designs. However my DH is beginning to wonder what is more important around here, my sewing or running his business. It is kinda addicting and before you know it the whole day is gone."

"Thank you, Rosanne. I started the tutorials today, and have already learned some new things, even though I've had Embird for a few months. I am looking forward to learning more, and taking advantage of your online classes."

"I really enjoy the CD and am anxious to learn more!"

"I so enjoyed my membership for the book and MISS it terribly. Thank You for the ability to have it again for the CD. I am eagerly waiting your book for Embird."

"I've used the techniques taught on your Split Wizardry CD and at the MEEC convention and they work!"

"I loved your video. I have already played with splitting some designs. What fun!!"

"I have enjoyed my time with you and plan on enjoying it more. I went to your site yesterday morning and renewed my membership for another 6 months.Thank You so much,"

"I've learned lots from CD Editor and now from Embird. I didn't think much of Embird initially but with your tutorials I wouldn't be without it now. Thanks"

"I so enjoy all you do for us & have for a couple of years now.Thank you for all you do to keep us challenged."

"Thanks for all the GREAT lessons."

"I really enjoy your list and all the lessons. I have learned so much from them."

"Good Morning Rosanne, I received my Split Wizardry cd yesterday in the mail and was soooooooo excited. I started with lesson one and learned so much in a short period of time, I had for force myself to got to bed so I could get up and go to work this morning, as a matter of fact I all most talked myself into calling in sick today."

"I still feel so honored to have received this CD. You are a wonderful giving person."

"Thanks ever so much for the new CD. Its wonderful! I really have enjoyed the Editing Wizardry list. When my [membership] is up, I certainly want to add to it."

"I want to thank you for the wonderful cd, "Split Wizardry". It is so well done!"

"Great Video class. You never cease to amaze me!!!!"

"You seem more the fairy godmother type than a real person. I know people in the sewing world are great, but you do go above and beyond. Thank you!!!"

"what a comprehensive and complete instruction! Wow! Double thanks!"
Nancy C

"I have had your CD since September and am really learning alot. I have split several designs using your Frame and Plus with version 7.11."

"Hi Rosanne , You are the BEST teacher ever. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I have sucessfully split a design. Through your words of wisdom and encouragement you have given me new confidence in tackling what I never thought I could do. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your lessons and I look forward to the Editing Wizardry list every day. Thank you for making me beleive in myself .... Yes, I CAN do it .... with a little help from my friends...."

"I used what I learned from you over the weekend to create some memorial badge designs from parts of several commemorative designs people have so generously donated. Your instructions are easy to follow, and have helped me quickly become more familiar with and able to use many of the very neat features of Embird. Thank you!!!"

"You are the BEST teacher ever. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I have sucessfully split a design. Through your words of wisdom and encouragement you have given me new confidence in tackling what I never thought I could do. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your lessons and I look forward to the EW list every day. Thank you for making me beleive in myself .... Yes, I CAN do it .... with a little help from my friends.... " Wilma

"You are a genius!"
Nancy P

"Love the CD - you explained it so thoroughly - Thank you for
a wonderful product"

"About 1 month ago I received my CD "Split Wizardry". I watched it once (but am going to go through it many more times, I'm sure!), purchased a split done by Rosanne (wow, do they stitch out perfectly! She is the TOP WIZARD), did the Floral pillow lesson, and have gone on to do 3 large splits ALL BY MYSELF. Every one of them came out like works of art. I couldn't believe that I had actually done these by myself. I've only been doing machine embroidery for about 3 months and know that I have an awful lot to learn but, WOW, what fun I'm having getting there! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, Rosanne!!"

"Love it!!!!!!!"

"I have had Embird for several years and use it a lot but learned more in the first 5 min. from your CD than I learned on my own <ggg> thought I was experimenting too but surely not enough. Thank you very much."

"After listening and watching the videos, I feel like I know you...want to offer you a cup of coffee or something. The CD Video is the greatest teaching aid to come along in a long time. There are only a few knowledgeable people out there that know the material and have the ability to teach it. Can't imagine putting all that in a written book!...can't imagine doing the lessons from a book. I do cheat a little and take a few notes, but it is amazing how much is retained."
A big fan,
Barb in NC

"Wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great video's - both the Split Wizardry and now the new short ones available on your site. Purchasing Split Wizardry has opened up a whole new world of embroidery to me. Learning to split your way was pretty easy and the aligning video was an eye opener for aligning the designs. I think the balloon design you show in your cd was what really helped me to expand my thinking on how to use larger designs. Yes splitting larger designs is great but after seeing your balloons in all those positions with all the little squares around them a lightbulb turned on regarding combining designs (on a custom hoop in Embird). Now I can take several of the cute free designs I have that just weren't quite what I wanted, combine them, edit out extra stems etc, combine the design, split and voila have a new great design. I do really appreciate your kindness and generosity as well as your undoubted knowledge, skill and expertise, you truly are the "WIZ"."

I just finished a stitch out last nite on a towel and used two 4x4 designs, lettering I made in customizing, and a small split copied and pasted from one of the 4x4 designs. I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you imparted to allow me to accomplish this. Can you tell I'm excited that my stitch out came out right? LOL.
Thanks once again.
Sharon in Calif
PS yes this list is also one of the great resources you make available to us and I definatly plan to stay a member "

"I just received the CD today, and am so impressed. I will be working with the splitting this weekend. Thanks for being so precise in explaining the options and how-too's."

"Wonderful video/cd! Now I know what to do with my Janome #5 hoop."

"I received your Split Wizardry CD.......Fantastic! I'm amazed at the things this program can do and how you've explained it all. Thanks so much."

"I LOVE the EmBird program and your lessons."
Dorothy E

"I love the CD of Split Wizardry. It seems simple now."

"Wow Rosanne , Just received your video the other day and have only watched half of it. I have had Embird for awhile but never really tried it. I work better with visual aids. Your video is wonderful, you are truly an amazing woman. Thank you for all of your time and effort you put into all you do for us. I for one am so greatful to you. With work and the fact that I live in the country this is the only way I have been able to learn this software (Embroidery Shop too). You have opened up the world of embroidery for this little country bumpkin !!! A big Heartfelf Thank You from the bottom of my heart."

"I went away on a fishing trip for 10 days with no TV or Internet and took ONLY your Editor, Tic-Toc Clock, and Embird videos. I REALLY!!!!!!!! enjoyed the Embird one (so did my 17 yr old son!!!) He even studied along with me. Are you sitting down? Ya' better for this next statement.....You did one heck of an excellent job on the Embird one because even I understand it! The other videos are JUST as good except now I am partial to Embird now. Heck, I can even use the lettering part of it now. Soooo....you must have done good to get through my thick skull!"
Nancy H


"Thank God, For Rosanne, the splitting genius and instructor."
Dorothy F

"I just purchased the CD of Stitch Wizardry – and am enjoying playing with it!!! Thank you for your great product"

"I have purchased the referenced video and even though I have been doing splitting with Embroidery Shop 3 since Rosanne started her online lessons, I must admit to having been totally and completely awed by this video and the absolutely wonderful features of Embird for design splitting! I already knew how wonderful the lettering was and how easy it was to do a multiple hoop design for my Brother 8500, but was amazed at how easy a complicated split was. One of the designs she uses in the video (Troubled Cat) had been done as a lesson on her Editing Wizardry site and I just could not get over how much simpler and easier the actual job was using the Embird program and Rosanne's instructions! Wow! Bring on the book, Rosanne!"
Nancy B

"I received your Split Wizardry CD and have started to study it. Some things are starting to click in. You do a great job of explaining everything."

"I got your Split-Wizardry yesterday and all I can say is W-O-W!!. Stayed up way too late watching them. Thanks for putting that CD together."

"I just bought the video and so far (only finished one lesson) it is great. Clear, easy and fun."

"THANKS DEAR TEACHER, YOU ARE A GENIUS! You have bridged the gap for us in understanding these software programs. I appreciate you."

"Rosanne sells an AWESOME CD video which shows you step by step how to split a design. It is worth every penny! I watched it last Saturday and was able to split a design that afternoon with Embird."

"Rosanne, just watched 2/3 of the Embird video, then went in and played with the Troubled Cat, the western wear ESP design and did the Switchplate bobbin lesson! The video is great, really helped me get going with Embird. Now I know why everyone is liking it so much!"

"Rosanne at Editing Wizardry, As far as I am concerned, she is the best. She has a new video on Spitting in Embird"

"...And believe me I am definitely learning. I think your technique is so fabulous, the way you split that cat is so great I almost can't stand not having him to try, just to watch it sew when I'm done <g Mostly the biggest thing I've learned so far is that you don't split at the exact hoop positions. I thought you HAD to split where P1 and P2 meet and again where P2 and P3 meet, it never occurred to me that there was some leeway there. How come it never occurred to me I don't know but ..... that's why we have you, right?"

"Oh yes, I must not forget to tell you the video is super. You really know
your Splitting!"

"...I also have your book on editing...its great!!!! You have given me some wonderful ideas. Thanks again"

"Such a wonderful CD!!!!!!!"

"I purchased your Split Wizardry CD. Just started watching it and want to say
that I really like it."

"I bought the video from you. I have gone through part of it and Im delighted
with the way you teach."

"Enjoyed meeting you and taking both you classes at MEEC, in Las Vegas last month. I bought your Lesson CD on Embird and finding it very helpful as everyone else on the list has stated."

"I wanted to write that I think you've done a great job, Rosanne! I like the "problem-solving" attitude you have ... I learn really well that way (by having the instructor think out loud)."

"Finally got a chance to watch the Split Wizardry CD. WOW. I have been a member lurking and just could not get started. I think that using just Embird that I might try to do some splits very soon.
Rosanne you outdid yourself."

"I "spot watched" it [the video] the day I got it. WOW! It is awesome. I just need to take the time to sit down and concentrate. Thanks again for all you do and for being SO SMART!"

"I got the CD and I LOVE it!!!! Nice work on the CD. Your voice comes in loud and clear. Love it."

"This has to be a gift with which you've been blessed. I mean this ability to take a subject and make good sense of it to others. Not everyone who knows a lot about a particular subject can be a good teacher; or even a bad one, for that matter. You've done it again!! Thank you, again, Rosanne, for this labor of love. It's a pleasure to sit and listen and learn from you. "

"I have been a member for quite sometime and have learned alot and have made some beautiful projects with the Geisha girl and the floral pillow, etc. With your help and the help from my good friend, Jeanne B, I have recieved many good compliments on my sewing. Thanks for all your hard work and taking the time to answer all the questions on the "list"."

"I am so excited about what Embird can do. Your Video CD was wonderful! I had not had a chance to sit down and learn the program on my own, so when I got the CD on Saturday, I watched all 3 videos and then went to work. I have had the Nativity Scene from Emb. Library since about Nov-Dec(??) and have been hoping to find a way to make it work with my 1+ hoop. Yeah sure!!! Well I think I have found a solution with a little creative adaptation. ... Thanks!"

"This is a GREAT CD!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooo much for taking the time to do this instructional CD. I was able to split a design successfully after watching your instructions, I'm so excited!!!!!!"
Nancy N

"It's a terrific video! Thank you very much!"

Design splitting for Multi-Position Hoops and Multiple Hoopings using Embird™. All new 4 1/2hr video tutorial with 8 step-by-step exercises.

$74.95 includes FREE BONUS:
3 month Wizette Club membership
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  The Plus Factor™
Mastering Multiple Hoopings

by Rosanne Berkey
The PERFECT companion to Split Wizardry!

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