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Don't want to split the design yourself? We'll split it for you.

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Are you interested in attending an Embird with the Wiz
3-day seminar in Southeastern Michigan?

Embird With The Wiz
Hands-on Seminars

Location Survey

Rosanne is currently setting her teaching schedule for 2008-2009. In an effort for her to meet as many Embird enthusiasts as possible, we are offering this survey to pinpoint where there are the most people interested in attending a two- or three-day, hands-on Editing Wizardry class with Rosanne.
Click Here to see a sample agenda.

Classes cover Embird 2006 and any updates released between now and the class date. Rosanne will also teach design editing, as well as splitting large designs for multiple hoopings using The Frame™ and The Plus™ - trademarked techniques she originated in 1998, even before the release of Embird.

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* General location where you would like Rosanne to teach a class (i.e. Chicago, Tampa, etc)  
* Is there an area of the city, or a suburb, that would offer economical meeting space and clean, safe accommodations for out-of-town guests?
What is the nearest airport for out-of-town guests to fly into.
* What time of year offers the most pleasant weather?
If there is an ‘off season’ or ‘shoulder season’ in your area, what months do they occur?
* Would you be willing to help promote the class through any local sewing/quilting/embroidery clubs you belong to?

 3 Day Agenda:

Day 1 - Beginning Embird / Refresher
Rosanne will take us, step by step, through the many wonderful tools and capabilities incorporated in Embird 2006 Manager and Editor.

Day 2 - Design Editing and Splitting
We will learn to use THE FRAME™ and THE PLUS™, techniques Rosanne developed to aid in evaluating, splitting, and realigning designs. We will begin splitting our design, which will be stitched out on Day 3.

Day 3 - Advanced Editing and Splitting -
We will finish editing and splitting our design for multiple hoopings.
We will stitch out the design using Rosanne's method of rehooping and alignment.

 2-Day Agenda: Same as Day 1 and Day 2 of 3-day agenda.

  Special items required for the class include:
  • A laptop computer with Embird 2006 loaded on it
  • A hand-held mouse
  • Embroidery machine (3-day agenda only)
  • Hardware for transferring the split design from your laptop to your embroidery machine (dongle, Palette box, Amazing box, etc.) unless your embroidery machine uses a floppy disc. (3-day agenda only)
  • Appropriate hoop (3-day agenda only)
  • Air/water vanishing fabric marker (3-day agenda only)
  • Straight edge or marking grid (3-day agenda only)
  • Thread snippers (3-day agenda only)
  • Bobbin thread
  • Thread (list of needed colors will be given in advance of the seminar)

You must have a working knowledge of your laptop computer and Windows prior to taking the class.

Prerequisites for 3-day agenda:
Those wishing to attend the splitting, rehooping and stitching classes on days two and three should already have a working knowledge of embird 2006. If you have previously taken an Embird 2006 class from Rosanne, or another qualified embird instructor, you may skip day one.

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