Heirloom Monogram Lesson

In this fun and interesting lesson, you'll learn

  • How to intertwine letters to create beautiful heirloom monograms.
  • How to select stitches using Initial Stitch and Ending Stitch buttons
  • How to use Points Edit Mode to eliminate long jump stitches.

The entire alphabet is included FREE with this lesson!

 An unsolicited testimonial about this lesson....


It's after 1:00 AM here, but I had to write! I worked through your tutorial -- you are absolutely amazing!!! It makes so much sense. I was originally trying to separate both letters and the underlay--oh my gosh, I was making it so much more complicated. After following your tutorial, I quickly went back and tried the simple example I worked on yesterday. It worked perfectly! I'm going to try some of your letters next, then I'll use some of my heirloom alphabets.

You're such a wonderful teacher--so clear, so easy to follow, and best of all so friendly!


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