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 NOTE: All design splitting lessons for multiple hooping include instructions
for smaller format machines using the machine's multi-position hoop.

clock lesson!

How to align Continuous Borders

How to intertwine lettering to create heirloom monograms 

How to create applique designs, mask, create text on a curve and Master Points Edit Mode.

Go from X to
Xtraordinary in this editing lesson.
Design Editing and Customizing 

Design Editing &

Using Text to Recolor Designs


Design Splitting for
Multi-Position Hoops

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for Multiple Hoopings 

Design Splitting for Multiple Hoopings  

Design Splitting for Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

Learn how to work
with Embird's

Design Editing &
Cross Stitch Designs

Create a clock
from a design

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for Multiple Hoopings

Design Splitting for Multiple Hoopings 

Design Splitting for
Multiple Hoopings

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June 2001
Embroidery Shop only

 This lesson takes 4 free designs combined with lettering that accompanies the lesson, to create a fun new design.

The ant and dragonflies designs are FREE from Dee Severence at The ants are "MelonMania-Thieves" and the dragonflies are in "Bit O'Whimsey - Dragonflies". The ladybugs and bee are FREE from Annthegran You'll find the ladybugs in "Insects" By Judy Grupido. You'll find the bee in "Insects / Bees", top row, left. By Martha Bigford-Young.

May 2001
Embroidery Shop only

May's lesson uses a single design to create an interesting border. The design is free from (May 2001, Goshia 6).
BONUS: The lesson includes instructions for this memory board using the new design to add a pocket at the bottom of the board.

Embroidery Shop only

Learn to split
Embroidery Library's Noah's Ark!

Indeed the MOST intense and detailed design-splitting lessons ever written! The lesson includes all Viking, Babylock, Brother and Janome machines as well as Pfaff and Singer XL1000 hoops.*

Embroidery and Embird

This lesson focuses on splitting a design for multiple hoopings. As an added bonus, the lesson includes instructions for splitting the design in Embird.


Embroidery Shop only

The Seashell Swirl is a wonderful design from our friends at Embroidery Library. The total design size is 6.07" x 9.48" and is too large for most hoops. In this lesson, we'll split this design for the Designer 1 MegaHoop, the Artista, Singer XL1000, as well as Babylock or Brother Jumbo Hoop, Viking #1+ and Rose Plus Hoop, Pfaff and Janome's multi-position hoops. For most formats, this design is split for multiple hoopings using Rosanne's trademarked Plus technique.

Click here to go to Embroidery Library.

Embroidery Shop only
Multiple Hoopings - How to determine placement
After you've worked hard splitting your design and it's PERFECT! Now comes the stitch out, but how do you mark your fabric? Where is the center of the design for each hooping? You can print out templates and measure from there... OR... you can accurately determine your placements using Embroidery Shop before you've completed your split. This lesson will teach you how.


Embroidery Shop only

A simple design, downloaded free from ESPonline is the basis for this lovely picture pillow.

This lesson alters the original design, duplicates elements of the design, rotates and precisely places the duplicated elements. The completed design creates a 5" x 7" frame. Also included are instructions for making the picture pillow.


JULY 2000
Embroidery Shop only

This absolutely stunning design, Floral Pillow is from Embroidery Library and is available in two sizes. In this lesson, we'll split the large size for the Designer 1, Artista and Babylock or Brother's Jumbo hoop. We'll split the smaller sizer for Viking's Plus Hoop as well as Pfaff and Janome's multi-position hoops. Both sizes will be split for multiple hoopings.

Click here to go to Embroidery Library. You'll find this design under Fashion/Fashion at the bottom of the page. Check out all the wonderful designs while you're there.


JUNE 2000
Embroidery Shop only

This lesson combines a tulip design digitized by Judy Grupido with lettering to create a fun new design. Students learn how to wrap the text around the tulips to add a bit of pizazz to the design.

The design is FREE from Judy Grupido on Annthegran's Flowers page. The lettering is included with the lesson.

MAY 2000
Embroidery Shop only

In this lesson, students create a new design by taking elements of two designs. They change the stitch pattern of the stems so they stitch more efficiently. They also rotate the flowers to add more interest and rearrange color stops.

The new design would be lovely on a pillowcase. Or, repeat it to create a wonderful border on the skirt of a little girl's dress. The completed design is 5" x 3 1/2".

The designs are FREE from ESPonline. The design on the left is BowFlowers (page 2) and the design on the right is Flower 10 (page 3).

Embroidery Shop only

It's time to have fun! In this exciting lesson, students build their very own clock. They learn techniques that guarantee precision when placing objects on an angle or at equal distances from one another. Once the design is created, it is split for multiple hoopings. No matter what machine you own, this lesson applies. Instructions for assembling the clock are included.

Note: Numbers and 50 phrases are included with the lesson. Students add their own flowers or designs of choice.

The numbers and lettering were done with OESD's Magician software and the flowers are from OESD's Floral Pack 4. Click here to check out OESD's designs.

Embroidery Shop only

February is a very intense lesson as we split Embroidery Network's Native American Indian for multiple hoopings. This lesson includes instructions for Viking's Designer 1 Rose and 1+ as well as BabyLock and Brother owners. You can go directly to EmNet's website by clicking on the Indian.

  JANUARY 2000
Embroidery Shop only

This great design was digitized by Sue Hickerson and is available as a free download from AnnTheGran's website.

Class members learn to split this design for a multiple hooping. They learn simple design splitting and rehooping techniques.

Next they learn how to put the design back together again and rearrange color stops.

Click on the frogs to go to AnnTheGran's website. Go to "Animals", then "Frogs".

  December 1999
Embroidery Shop only

Vicki Key and Embroidery By Design's wonderful Winter collection is the inspiration for December's lesson. We combine the snowman with lettering and a snowflake (from ESPonline) to create a cute motif for a sweatshirt or hand towel. Students will learn a simple technique to perfectly align the snowflake in the lettering.

Viking Rose and 1+ owners will split this for the Plus Hoop. This is a 2 hoop design for Pfaff owners.

Click on the snowman to go to Embroidery By Design. Be sure to check out Vicki's other great collections while you're there. Click here to go to ESPonline.

November 1999
Embroidery Shop only

November's lesson combines a design, lettering, shapes and parts of another design to create a special piece. Viking's Rose and #1+ owners will split the design for two plus hoopings.

The wonderful santa is a free design from Premier Designs and the holly is from a Floriani design. Both are available from Beacon Funding. The rectangle and lettering are provided free to class members.

click on the Santa to go to Beacon Funding's website

  October 1999
Embroidery Shop only

The October lesson was "Splitting Embroidery Network's Geisha" for multiple hoopings. You can download this design file directly from their site by clicking on the Geisha. This lesson includes instructions for the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 hoop, Rose and #1+ plus hoop and Baby Lock and Brother's Jumbo hoop. Other machine hoop sizes will be provided on request.

This lesson includes new techniques for precision multi-hooping using The Frame™ and The Plus™


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