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The Premier Yahoo Group dedicated to learning Embird!


We are proud and honored to co-sponsor the
American Embroidery Conference KIDS IN DISTRESS

A message from Dianne Pomeroy, founder of AEC:

KIDS IN DISTRESS is a non-profit organization that takes in abused, neglected and abandoned children up to the age of 12. Many times these children arrive at the Foundation with nothing more than a diaper, held gently in the arms of the Policeman or Fireman that has rescued them from all kinds of tragedies.

These wonderful people love them, care for them and see to it that their little lives are changed for the better. These are babies and children whose parents have physically and/or sexually abused them or who have been abandoned by their parent or parents. Many of them have been strangled, shot, stabbed, burned and abused in ways you would not believe and that are too horrible to imagine.

They are the children of addicts, alcoholics, thieves, prostitutes and just plain old miserable people that never should have had them in the first place, and now that they have them just don’t want them. The abandoned and neglected that are brought to the shelter are the lucky ones. Others have known nothing but torture in their lives and yes, even premature death.


Editing Wizardry is co-sponsoring the Kids in Distress Quilt drive along with Daffy Down Dilly, Hatched in Africa, Nita O'Keefe and Holly Pike.

All that you have to do is to send in a finished quilt to Dianne Pomeroy. In return, for each quilt you donate you have the option of selecting one of my Embird tutorials and/or a design collection offered by any of the co-sponsors.

Quilt requirements:

  • At least a baby size measuring 36"x45" or 45"x64".
  • Must be a finished quilt.
  • It may be embroidered or pieced.
  • As these quilts become lifelines to the children receiving, please refrain from sending cheater quilts. (A cheater quilt is a pre-printed, pre-quilted panel to which binding is applied. Pre-printed blocks or panels of whole cloth to which batting and backing is applied are not considered cheater quilts.)
  • Please do not quilt using yarn etc or use a pattern which would have tails of yarn or buttons, fabric hanging as that can be dangerous to the children.

Where to send your finished quilt:

  • Dianne Pomeroy
    22589 Esplanada Drive,
    Boca Raton, FL 33433
  • Once your finished quilt is received, the co-sponsors will be notified by Dianne and you will be able to make your selection. The tutorial or design collection will be sent to you free of charge.

For more information, contact Dianne at Nanapom@aol.com