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Don't want to split the design yourself? We'll split it for you.

The Premier Yahoo Group dedicated to learning Embird!


When it comes to editing and splitting embroidery designs, the first criteria is the right software. Rosanne Berkey - "The WIZ " - has spent a great deal of time and energy over the past several years sampling editing and design splitting software. The software that leads the field, in her opinion: Embird.

Through their continued commitment to quality, service and highly affordable upgrades and add-ons, Embird emerges as the clear winner!

Design editing can be as simple as adding a flower to a cleaver saying or as complex as taking an existing design and creating something completely different and unique...


Rosanne offers a myriad of interesting, fun and educational tutorials that will help you broaden your embroidery horizons! Click here to view them.

Rosanne's Video Tutorial, Split Wizardry™ Sets the standard and LEADS THE FIELD as The best Design Splitting and Editing Video Tutorial available! Click here to learn more.

The tutorials, lessons and online classes available at
Editing Wizardry are written exclusively for Embird.










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