The VERY POPULAR Clock Lesson

In this exciting, fun and VERY POPULAR lesson, you will build your very own clock, using techniques that guarantee precision when placing objects on an angle or at equal distances from one another. Once the design is created, it is split for multiple hoopings or the Giant-Hoop-It-All.

  • All numbers and more than 60 phrases are included!
  • Instructions for assembling the clock are included.
  • Video and written instructions for creating customized circular lettering are included!
  • Students use their own designs (2" maximum size recommended

Clocks created by The Elite Wizette Club Members




by Elaine Reick

  by Diane Zayonc

 by Mardi May

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Rosanne Berkey has been editing and splitting large designs professionally for over four years and has been teaching her techniques nearly as long. She is the author of the first and most authoritative book ever written on Design Splitting. Editing Wizardry was first published nearly 3 years ago and Rosanne remains THE authority on the subject.

She's developed trademarked techniques that guarantee 100% precision. These amazing techniques are included in new video/cd "Split Wizardry" which uses Embird exclusively. They are also taught in her book "Editing Wizardry" and her first video/cd "Design Splitting 101" which both use Embroidery Shop software.

Rosanne's highly praised Elite Wizette Club has been providing instruction and support to hundreds of people around the world for over the past several years.

A popular instructor, Rosanne has taught her techniques to Standing - Room - Only audiences at the MEEC convention as well as to sell-out crowds at her hands-on "Creative Stitches Retreat".

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