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... read their unsolicited comments ...

"I am really glad I finally got to meet you and learn from you. I had used Embird for a few years and thought I was doing okay. Now I am so excited about all the new things I learned and easier ways of doing things. My goal when I registered was to get time away from work and family (although I love them dearly), meet new people and learn something. I certainly accomplished everything I set out to do and more. My husband even noticed how excited I was about everything when I got home. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the other ladies. You do very well at teaching and keeping everyone on task. Thanks again for everything."

"I just spent four great days in Richmond, Virginia with Rosanne and her Embird class. I recommend this highly for anyone who wants to improve their Embird skills, meet fabulous people, eat too much and have a really wonderful escape. Thanks to you, Rosanne for being you, and to the super participants - it was great."

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop, getting to know you, plus meeting all the other wonderful participants. I found the workshop extremely informative, well organized, easy to understand (even in my spacy space!), and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and encourage other Embird users to take it. If I can, I will try to participate again."

"Your Embird with the Wiz class was a huge success! ... What an enthusiastic and capable group of gals we had. We all learned so much. As we agreed, we must get the group together again for an advanced Embird with the Wiz." ...
Fondly, Jane

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Embird seminar in Richmond, Va. The facilities was beautiful, the food was great and Jane did a great job in organizing everything."

"I do thank you for the class! You are a wonderful teacher. I probably would have not learned near as much as I feel like I did had you not been such a good teacher and made the class so very interesting and easy to understand. I will be attending another class sometime in the future."

"A bit late in writing but I did thoroughly enjoy the seminar-just what I needed to pick up things I'd forgotten -I'm thrilled."

"We had a great time and learned so much! What a great group of gals and really excellent teachers. ... Rosanne gave us confidence in editing and splitting - and lots to practice. Plus we got some beautiful designs as part of the class fee. What's not to like.. I'd do it again in a minute just for the great time we had".
Linda I

"Just a short note to say that I just got back from a seminar in Vegas with The Wiz - lovingly known by some of us as the "Linda" seminar -never seen so many Lindas in one small room! What a great time! and learned lots (especially about jugglers and their appendages - hee hee). If you ever get a chance to attend one of these seminars - RUN don't walk to
get signed up! You'll have a ball, learn lots, and eat GREAT! Thanks to Rosanne..."
Linda S

"If you get a chance, go to one of Rosanne's Editing Wizardry classes ( She is a great teacher
and originated all the editing and splitting techniques long before Embird appeared on the scene. Embird turned out to be so much better and easier to work with than what we were using she switched to Embird when it became available to us 'home embroiderers' and as they say - 'the rest is history' <ggg> You would never regret going to one of her classes."
Karol S

"Jjust wanted to say a quick hello and tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat. You did a great job!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Everything I had questions about were answered and even some I didn't think of. Wish we had more tome to do even more stitchouts ... but then what would we do at home? :-) Thanks to you I learned a lot and had several lightbulbs go on. I'd recommend your class to anyone!"
Kathy J

"I just spent the most delightful weekend in Sacramento at Rosanne Berkey's editing and splitting seminar. She is a wiz! The information was presented in a manner which made the design splitting seem easy and the materials she handed out were great. The whole seminar was put on in a very professional manner. Cheryl did a great job in planning the meals and did not miss any detail in having all the materials there for us to use. She also had great door prizes. I would suggest that any of you who have an opportunity to attend one of Rosanne's seminar do so, she is absolutely phenominal!"

"I have to agree that the seminar was great. Rosanne was so great when I made a big goof and helped me and others to correct our goofs, with more patience than I would of had. The food was outstanding the room the seminar was held in was large and we had lots of room, plus goodies in there all day for us to munch on. I'm all ready thinking and planning on going to the next one here is Sacramento, I hope it will be soon. If you did not go you missed out on a great chance to learn and have a great time."

"I, too, enjoyed the seminar weekend more than I can even say. I learned so much and encourage anyone who has a chance to ever go to one, GO! It is worth the time and energy. We learned things we didn't even know Embird could do, plus got the inside scoop of Rosanne's splitting techniques. I got Rosanne's CD's Split Wizardry and The Plus Factor. They are so worth having. Good info on them. Thanks, Rosanne, for coming and we hope to have you back here in Sacramento.
Dinky (KC)

"This was such a wonderful, wonderful class in Tampa! I can't believe how much I learned - I can't believe how much there was to learn! Fun, fun, fun is what we had. You were so patient and encouraging. I really appreciate this since taking the class was not something that was easy for me to do. Thank you for everything.
This class was worth EVERY DIME!!!"
Julie B

"Roseanne, you really are a wiz! When I got home from the Sacramento seminar, I made a label for the alphabet quilt I showed at the seminar. I stitched it out and when I cut the stabilizer out, I accidentlally cut a hole in the fabric. (I'm sure you've never done that!) The words were too dense so I took it back in Editor and "split before color" and reduced the density of the lettering. It was so easy. I would have lassoed it and split it before! I vaguely knew those features were there but didn't use them. It's so fun to use the features of Embird you showed us how to use at the seminar. Hope you come to Sacramento again soon."

"I have taken Rosanne's class without the actual splitting and sewing out the design. When I took her class, she spent alot of time on designs using movable hoops and I didn't have one for my 2140. Well now I have the Grand Hoop and everything I learned applies. Good Luck, Rosannes classes are really wonderful."

"Rosanne, I want to thank you for coming to teach us all these goodies Embird can do. We had no idea! "

"I really enjoyed your seminar."

"I met you at the AEC in Boca Raton. I enjoyed attending your excellent classes."
Ann Moran

"I attended your class last week in Boca at the AEC and really learned a lot"

"I was at the seminar with Rosanne in Costa Mesa, and it was great! We all learned so much! She made us feel so welcome. Any time you have an opportunity attend one of Rosanne's seminars, do so! You won't regret it."

"Just a few lines to tell you that I had a great time at your class last week"
Anna Marie Grossi

"UNBELIEVABLE! Your knowledge, expertise and great teaching skills absolutely amaze me! This was without a doubt the BEST seminar I've ever attended. I learned so much and had fun too. --- I was skeptical because I'd attended another Embird class taught by [another well-known instructor] and was so completely disappointed and frustrated! A friend of mine attended the class you had in earlier in the year and insisted that I would enjoy your class. She was so right - you're FABULOUS! You really know your stuff and know how to teach it. Your patience and commitment to each and every student in the class is to be applauded. You truly are - THE WIZ!!!!"

"Thanks again for the information packed seminar. I really enjoyed it, not only that, I came away with a substantial amount of new and beneficial information. Having an education background in Home Economics, and having taught a number of classes in my past life, I want to commend you on your method of teaching. The class was enjoyable, entertaining and educational. I do not own a lap top, and when the information came down that we were to bring one to class, I just did not have one to use. At that point I was wiling to come to the class without one. My mother did lend me hers, but I believe even without one, the class would have been well worth the price of admission. Thank you again for the great week-end. "

"Just a quick note to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for the class! I learned so much that I didn't know and I am looking forward to doing something right! You are a great teacher and I personnaly like your style (relaxed) it makes the class fun. Thanks again for sharing so much of your knowledge with us. I am looking forward to another class with you."
Flora Story

"Thank you SO MUCH for the seminar last week end. I learned so much and am no longer afraid of Embird (and I, generally, am very comfortable with my computer). I especially was (previously) intimidated to split and stitch out a design. Now I know! I’m really looking forward to really mastering these techniques…and learning more new ones!"
Diana Hill

"I attended your Dec '03 Columbus, OH, seminar--you're fantastic!!"

Thanks for the great Embird Class Rosanne!!! You are the best"
Cheryl Thoms

"Thanks Rosanne. Enjoyed your class at the AEC."

"I had a wonderful time time too and am still digesting what we learned. Haven't had time to embroider much lately, but after this great class I am inspired again."

" Thank You Rosanne for coming to Grand Rapids, it was the best two days ever ."

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your classes! And your humor :>)) "

"Enjoyed the class we had with you in Baltimore. Look forward to more."

"thank you SO much for this past weekend. You are so good at what you do! AND,,,,,you are so patient!!! I really feel blessed to of had this time to learn from you and this group. Even though I am a somewhat "newbie" to Embird, I feel that I really learned a lot, and will be able to process a lot more, once graduation is over, my son leaves for the Marines, and I have time to sit in front of the computer. (instead of cry and worry!!!!!!!!!!!)
Many thanks, I'm sure we'll see you again!
Dianne Miller- Ludington

"I attended the workshop in BWI last weekend. I enjoyed the workshop and would attend another one taught by you."
Helga Walters

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the class and lessons you taught in DC/Baltimore this past weekend. I learned quite a bit about Embird and am eager to play with it more. I'm very impressed with all you can do with it. Again I want to applaud your patience! Thank you again for all the wonderful information you shared and I look forward to taking another one of your classes in the future!"
Alison West

"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the embird seminar and meeting you. I also look forward to the advance seminar where we actual split and stitch out a design. Thanks again for a wonderful session."

"Saw you in Vegas CEC. You were great.......Thanks"

"I just attended your seminar in Baltimore, BWI. I have practiced every night on the embird program. I am new to the program but I work on it every day and I enjoyed your seminar. You have a lot of patience dealing with so many of us who are at different levels of learning this software. Thank you for helping us."
Ma Murphy

"Enjoyed meeting you and attending your classes. Your are indeed a classy and well informed wiz!"

"I was really happy that I attended the Conference this year for the first time. Your classes were some of my favorites. It has taken awhile to comprehend the scope of Embird. I have been playing with it for almost a year and finally, a light bulb has gone on which says "so that's what it is all about". I should be able to understand it now. Thanks for giving me some inspiration."

"Rosanne, having been fortunate enough to have both you and Sadia teaching at my AEC Conferences for the past couple of years or so......... Between the two of you, everything Embird has to offer is covered so beautifully it will leave no questions. You are both fantastic teachers!!! The students rave about BOTH of you."
Dianne, now in Boca Raton, FL

" I really enjoyed your classes at MEEC. You are an excellent teacher."

" I really enjoyed your classes at MEEC"
Kathy Hietala

"Thanks a million for your wonderful class and tutorials. I will certainly think of you whenever I use the color load feature in Embird. Now I have to get brave and start the challenge of splitting some of the designs I purchased from Em. Library. I intentionally chose designs that I knew would need to be split, so I may be yelling "HELP!" in your direction really soon."

"I took a few of your courses in Las Vegas this past week [MEEC]. ... Your course was excellent. Made eveything very clear. Will be testing out my splits later this week using this concept. Also please keep me informed as to when you new book will be released."
Nancy in Connecticut.

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