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Rosanne is the owner of Editing Wizardry, a business dedicated to offering creative and top quality embroidery instructional material to the home embroidery market. Her website, EditingWizardry.com, brings those materials to you. DesignSplits.com, Rosanne's second site, is devoted to offering precision, top quality splits of Embroidery Library designs.

Rosanne is the pioneer in design splitting. She's been editing and splitting large designs professionally since 1997 and has been teaching her techniques since 1998. She is the author of the first book ever written on Design Splitting. Editing Wizardry was first published in 1998 and Rosanne remains THE authority on the subject.

Rosanne is a popular instructor who has taught her techniques to Standing-Room-Only audiences annually at the MEEC conventions from 1999-2004. She's been teaching Design Splitting longer than any other instructor in the industry and hosted the very first hands-on Editing and Splitting seminar in the country in 1999. She's been teaching 3-day and 4-day hands-on seminars to sell-out audiences around the country ever since.

The FRAME™ (EVALUATION BOX) and The PLUS™ (ALIGNMENT) are Rosanne's unique techniques which have won rave reviews from students all over the globe. As the originator of these techniques more than 10 years ago - even before Embird!, Rosanne brings a unique perspective and complete understanding of their use. These amazing techniques are included in her video/cd "Split Wizardry" and most of her tutorials. They were featured her popular book "Editing Wizardry" and her first video/cd "Design Splitting 101" (both of which were written for Husqvarna Viking's Embroidery Shop software).

Rosanne is an

 Rosanne was dubbed "The Wiz" by her fellow list members in 1998 after tirelessly and generously spending countless hours, days, months and years helping others with all their editing and splitting problems. If she doesn't have the answer to an editing or splitting question, she'll research, explore and work until she gets it. Check out her many tutorials and you'll quickly see ...

THE WIZ has earned the title!

Editing Wizardry is a division of Rdesign copyright 1997 - 2009. All rights reserved