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Split Wizardry & The Plus Factor
40% off

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The PERFECT companion to Split Wizardry!

You've done it! You've split your design and you're ready to stitch it out.

Fear not... stitching out large designs in multiple hoopings doesn't need to be intimidating.

The Plus Factor™ Mastering Multiple Hoopings shows you how to stitch your designs perfectly everytime using Rosanne's trademark techniques.

It's easy and it's foolproof!

The Plus Factor is the perfect
"MUST HAVE" companion to Split Wizardry!

Watch a comprehensive movie
as Rosanne shows you exactly how she ~

  • Prepares the fabric for multiple hoopings.
  • Marks the fabric for precision placement.
  • Bastes in the hoop.
  • Precisely matches alignment stitches.
  • You'll be sitting with her at her embroidery machine as she stitches out a flawless design.

Also included:
  • A 32-page detailed tutorial
  • A video tutorial
  • All files necessary to work through the tutorial.

Rosanne is PROVEN EXPERT and leads the field of Design Splitting!

An unsolicited testimonial

" You're sooooo smart! I told you the only reason I came to the conference was because you were going to be there, and I was right. I finally viewed the video I had purchased from another lady with a different technique, but yours is much easier. ... I'll definally stick to your technique for rehooping!" ..........Bobbi

Rosanne Berkey has been editing and splitting large designs professionally since 1997 and has been teaching her techniques online since 1999. She is the author of the first book ever written on Design Splitting. Editing Wizardry was first published in 1999 and Rosanne remains THE authority on the subject.

The FRAME™ (EVALUATION BOX) and The PLUS™ (ALIGNMENT TOOL) are Rosanne's unique techniques which have won rave reviews from students all over the globe. As the creator of these techniques, Rosanne brings a unique perspective and complete understanding of their use. These amazing techniques are included in her video/cd "Split Wizardry". They were first introduced in her popular book "Editing Wizardry" which was released in 1999.

Rosanne is a popular instructor who has taught her techniques to Standing - Room - Only audiences at conventions as well as to sell-out crowds at her much heralded hands-on seminars around the country.

The PERFECT Companion to Split Wizardry!

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