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Some of Rosanne's Work

Click on an image to view the full size image with details.

All but the last design on this page are from Embroidery Library.
All were either customized or split for multiple hoopings

The Japanese clock was created by combining Embroidery Library's Koi Circle (Lg) with four of their Japanese Kanji designs. The hour markings at 1,2,4,5,7, 8, 10 and 11 were created by using a leg from one of the Kanji characters. This is my favorite clock and it's hanging proudly in my kitchen.

Land that I Love 
Split and stitched in
4 hoopings. 9" x 11"
Split and stitched in
5 hoopings. 10"x14"
Haunted Tree House
Split and stitched in
5 hoopings. 9.3"x11"
 Japanese Geisha
Split and stitched in 3 hoopings 11.7"x9.2"
 Starry Night
Split and Stitched in 5 hoopings 11.75"x8.8" 
Floral Towel (framed)
Split and stitched in
2 hoopings. 8"x 1.4" 
 Moonlit Unicorn
Split and Stitched in 4 hoopings. 9.5"x10.6"
Deer Tracks
Split and stitched in 4 hoopings -Viking #1+
Split and stitched in 3 hoopings Viking #1+ 

 Individual designs from Embroidery Library. Clock created in Embird. Embroidery Library's Golf Clock split for 2 hoopings.  I added a custom monogram. An Embroidery Library completes this tray. Customized in Embird. 


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