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Split Wizardry & The Plus Factor
40% off

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SETS THE STANDARD for Design Splitting
and Editing using Embird! No other Design Splitting
tutorial on the market compares to Split Wizardry II!

Don't be limited by the size of your design field. Rosanne Berkey can teach you how to split large designs using Embird! Whether you want to split designs for your multi-position hoop or for multiple hoopings or both, Split Wizardry will teach you how. Don't take our word for it click here to read what others are saying about Split Wizardry.

Splitting a design is like creating the perfect jigsaw puzzle... a puzzle that appears absolutely seamless when the stitching is completed. To view a few of Rosanne's stitchout outs, click here.

"I purchased the Split Wizardry and the Plus Factor CDs and I couldn’t be happier. ...Your clear, simple method and instructions enabled me to stitch out the sample designs quickly and easily and with immediate success. ... They were perfectly aligned!!! "
Ruth R. in Ohio
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Split WizardrySplit Wizardry II™ is THE AUTHORITY on design splitting! It is a powerful, intensive, in-depth 4 1/2 hour seminar on cd. This one video tells you everything you need to know to become a design splitting expert using Embird. And best of all, you'll learn from Rosanne Berkey, the ORIGINAL, PROVEN expert who has taught thousands of people all around the world! Her methods have been hailed for years as absolutely genius and are often copied but NEVER duplicated! What Rosanne teaches is the result of thousands of hours of hard work and her own personal research.

Rosanne is a pioneer in design splitting. She's been editing and splitting large designs professionally since 1997 and has been teaching her techniques since 1998 (much longer than any other instructor in the field). She is the author of the first book ever written on Design Splitting and remains the authority on the subject.

  • You'll learn the major techniques necessary to accurately and efficiently split designs for multi-position hoops (hoops with more than one position), for multiple hoopings and for multiple hoopings using a multi-position hoop.
  • You'll learn how to analyze and evaluate a design to determine where and how it should be split.
  • You'll learn what to look for and what to avoid when splitting designs.
  • You'll learn Rosanne's trademarked techniques for perfect alignment!
  • You'll learn how to evaluate a design BEFORE you buy it!
  • You'll even learn editing techniques that will help you with design editing and customizing.
  • AND YOU'LL LEARN IT FROM THE PROVEN EXPERT! No other book or video on the market teaches the techniques that are covered on this video.
  • Split Wizardry II™ includes your choice of a 3 month FREE subscription to The Elite Wizette Club, where you will receive Rosanne's expert help and personal attention plus online classes! Each lesson is different and is designed to focus on various editing technigues, including: Design Splitting, Editing, Customizing and much more. Or you can choose of any three past Wizette Club lessons FREE.

The FRAME™ (EVALUATION BOX) and The PLUS™ (ALIGNMENT TOOL) are Rosanne's unique techniques which have won rave reviews from students all over the globe. They've proven so successful, in fact, that other instructors have tried to copy them over the past year. As the creator of these techniques, Rosanne brings a unique perspective and complete understanding of their use. These amazing techniques are included in Split Wizardry. They were featured her popular book "Editing Wizardry" and her first video/cd "Design Splitting 101.

As you view this video/cd, you'll be able to pause as you work right along with her. You can also rewind and fast forward through the video. This 4 1/2 hour seminar is the equivalant to a personal, fast paced, two-day hands on seminar in the privacy of your own home. And the best part is that you'll be able to watch it again and again!


$74.95 includes FREE BONUS:
3 past Wizette Club lessons of your choice.

for current owners of the Original Split Wizardry

*upgrade includes 1 month Elite Wizette Club Membership or 1 Wizette Club lesson. Your original version included 3 months.

 For the perfect "MUST HAVE" companion to Split Wizardry, be sure to check out The Plus Factor.
 Click here to learn more.

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