By far the most indepth design splitting tutorial ever written!


You'll learn

  • How to evaluate a design
  • What to look for and how to determine the best split opportunies
  • What technique to use in specific situations
  • The three splitting functions available in Embird
  • How to use Rosanne's revolutionary techniques, The Frame™ and The Plus™ to guarantee precision stitchouts
  • Working with Points Edit Mode™
  • and lots more!!!

    Over 100 pages cover ---

    • Artista
    • Ellageo
    • Ult
    • Babylock and Brothers 5 x7 design field
    • Babylock and Brothers 4x4 design field using the 3 position hoop
    • Designer 1 and 2
    • Janome 9000 #5 hoop
    • Janome 10000 GigaHoop
    • Pfaff Big Hoop
    • Viking Rose and #1+ Plus Hoop
    • Singer X1000

    Each hoop is handled differently. Working through two or more of these hoop lessons will help you gain a more thorough knowledge of design splitting. Working through all of the hoops will put you well on your way to becoming a Design Splitting Wiz!

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Rosanne Berkey has been editing and splitting large designs professionally for four years and has been teaching her techniques online for over two years. She is the author of the first and most authoritative book ever written on Design Splitting. Editing Wizardry was first published nearly 3 years ago and Rosanne remains THE authority on the subject.

She's developed trademarked techniques that guarantee 100% precision. These amazing techniques are included in new video/cd "Split Wizardry" which uses Embird exclusivesly. They are also taught in her book "Editing Wizardry" and her first video/cd "Design Splitting 101" which both use Embroidery Shop software.

Rosanne is a popular instructor who has taught her techniques to Standing - Room - Only audiences at the MEEC convention as well as to sell-out crowds at her hands-on "Creative Stitches Retreat".

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